viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

Get to know La Ramona, a historical chimney at El Triunfo

El Triunfo is a destination located in the territory of Baja California Sur. In here, there is a fireplace almost 47 meters high, which is a symbol of relic for the sudcalifornianos. This majestic fireplace was baptized with the name: Ramona.

Ramona, built in 1890, was once an achievement of engineering for the inhabitants of the region. In the seventeenth century, the site was conceived to a Spanish military, Manuel de Ocio, who was authorized by the Spanish crown for the exploitation of minerals in mines that exists in the small town.

In fact, El Triunfo, had its heyday when many cultural countries decided to move to Baja California Sur to live of the extraction of resources that inhabited the region, such as gold and silver.

Both English and French cultures were attracted by the wealth of metals; It is believed that Ramona was built in 1890 and designed by Gustav Eiffel under the command of the company El Progreso, which at that time was in charge of a mining industry in the US capital. When the industry began declining, the chimney had to be closed.

By this time, people of El Triunfo wanted to resume the customs of their ancestors, so the task of a restoration project for Ramona began to take place. As a result, you'll have a new tourist destination to visit and see with your eyes the emblematic chimney.

This magnificent historic building has the identity of Baja California Sur, therefore, join the participation to preserve Ramona. Interact with the small community that  lives happily at El Triunfo and enjoy their friendliness and hospitality.

Walk through the streets and fall in love with the story behind every corner. After 130 years of being built, Ramona still stands, inviting locals and tourists to live the experience of each and every town that are in in Baja California Sur.

Dare to go with your family and friends and if you prefer, you can book transportation thorough Cabo Seasons and pamper yourself during your trip.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live amazing experiences in Los Cabos and visit El Triunfo!

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