viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016

Tendencia Avenue: a new world to discover

People around the world have set their eyes on the territory of Baja California Sur to enjoy a getaway to a place that beautifies the soul. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are two towns recognized worldwide for the large hotel and residential growth.

From staying at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel to dinninig at the Romeo y Julieta restaurant or if you prefer it, taking a long walk at night on the beach with the great Pacific Ocean. You'll never stop marveling at the scenarios that this destination offers.

If you decide you want to take a trip to the peninsula of Baja California Sur, consider visiting the beach and eating seafood but above all put a lot of attention to the new experience that you can live here.

Los Cabos has been the center of attention of international tourists, but it also has been an area of inspiration for artists around the world. An exceptional variety of art lovers have adopted Los Cabos as their new home territory to express through incredible paintings, their talent.

Tendencia Avenue is a project which started in order to generate a multidisciplinary meeting point for artists and find local works to publicize the talent that exists in Los Cabos

It is also one of the major platforms to exhibit the talent of various artists. Inviting them to participate in different exhibitions.
Tendencia Avenue has created a space to discover paintings that leave you speechless and exhibitions that arouse in you feelings like love. Tendencia Avenue is definitely a place of innovation where several local and international artists captivate us with their art.
Gradually, it has taken shape and become what it is right now: an environment in which you go to enjoy yourself, where pleasant conversations are held together with a delicious cocktail while discovering new talents.
Every 45 days you'll be able to walk the hallways of Luxury Avenue and see new paintings. The guest artist is presented at an inauguration cocktail, and you will have the opportunity to rejoice with the energy of art.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the works of artists and walk the halls of Luxury Avenue. 
When you're there, do not forget to visit the Gallery of Yandi Monardo, a promoter of art that like working with abstract expressionism and is inspired by his family to paint.

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