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Visit Comondu in Baja California Sur!

From the first settlers to the tourist infrastructure that now defines us, the territory of Baja California Sur hosts a diversity of activities and experiences that impact every visitor.
Baja California Sur is an extraordinary location since it is placed between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Among the mountains, multiple oases throughout the State, cave paintings that mark the legacy of our ancestors and, of course, an unprecedented diversity of flora and fauna that enrich, the tourist destination offers an unprecedented trip.

In this journey, we recommend you travel through the different municipalities of the sudcaliforniano territory. Each of them has its own magic and identity, for example, the municipality of Comondu gives us unrepeatable panoramas with its unique horizons, pleasant climate and the spectacular sighting of gray whales.

Landscapes and bays, such as Magdalena Bay are popular for hosting hundreds of marine species and migratory birds. The place is famous for the gray whale, but also for the native spectacle that defines the municipality as a delight for all those who seek to meet the goodness of nature.

It also has numerous islands in the seas that surround it, some are Isla Santa Margarita, Isla Magdalena, Isla Habana and Isla San Diego. The climate, mainly desert, gives a demonstration of the duality between the desert and the sea.

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Comondu is the third largest municipality in the State and is rich in history. Where the guaycuras and cochimies left their mark. Both in history, nature and incredible landscapes, Comondu provides unique moments and tours that you will have to live in the company of your loved ones.

Travel through Baja California Sur and discover the municipality of Comondu!

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