viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016

San Jose del Cabo and his amazing galleries

The territory of Baja California Sur, is full of surprises. Sometimes we do not realize what we have in front of us. Endless wonders starting with enjoying long walks on the beach and witnessing the beautiful sunsets.

Los Cabos is famous for its amazing hospitality evolution. The growing residential market along with the landscape that you find every time you wake up, is one of the most lovely things for a tourist destination.

But one of the best feelings you can get, apart from enjoying the hotels in this peninsula, is walking through the art galleries that every Thursday  dazzle the streets of San Jose del Cabo.

Without a doubt, San Jose has become a city of great weight in terms of art. Large displays from local or international artists and jewelry designers will share their creations to delight both tourists and locals.

With a glass of red wine in one hand and perhaps a little piece of fresh bread come and enjoy each of the different galleries that offer magnificent paintings. Invite your loved ones or your closest friends.

On several occasions, artists like to personally meet the art lovers that are visiting their galleries. The collections you can find in here enrich every corner of the city.

From Enrique Bascon and Patricia Mendoza to Casa Dahlia, Corsica and Ivan Guaderrama, start your journey down the street of Alvaro Obregon to delight your eyes with these awesome artists who understand the beauty that emanates each brush.

If you still have the desire to see what else is out there, you can go to the studio of Tanya Talamante; who uses mixed techniques and likes to apply materials to his paintings as pigment powders. A great artist who has installed its exhibitions in The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, the Muvezi gallery in San Jose del Cabo and The Loggia, One and Only Palmilla.

Discover all the magic that San Jose del Cabo emits through its art galleries and remember to stop by Indira and Isidro spectacular jewelry design store, where they give life to each creation.

Without a doubt, San Jose del Cabo is a city ready to dazzle you.

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