viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

Elisa Salas "Collection of Calligrams" in Tendencia Avenue

With great simplicity and a friendly smile, the young artist Elisa Salas received the attendees in the 10th exhibition of Tendencia Avenue. Emotion and happiness were two sensations that she projected during the evening when she talked with the guests about the meaning of the “Itinerant exhibit: calligrams collection" and the reason for each image.

"When I did the Maria Felix calligrams, I was really angry, so it was a form of relief and expression that identified me with the actress."

A very detailed and meticulous work can be observed in each of the pictures. Although the calligraphy is not something new, the way in which Elisa uses them to form figures is impressive. Similarly, the fusion of modern and traditional techniques manage to hypnotize the viewer, you can observe the same work for several minutes without realizing it.

"I like to explain that I do not use phrases that the characters said, in most cases, they are phrases from my poems or tweets. I simply draw the character to reflect my emotions of the moment. My goal is to publish a novel entitle: “More than 100 calligrams”, at the moment I had accomplish 98."

Renowned actors from the Golden era of Mexican cinema, classics from literature and other famous faces will be exhibited in the halls of Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall, Los Cabos until April 23rd. It's definitely a different exhibit in the Tendencia Avenue portfolio that is worth visiting with the family!

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