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Loreto, a magic town in Baja California Sur

The serenity of the deep blue of the Bay of Loreto right next to the Sierra de la Giganta are guardians of this portion from Baja California Sur, a place of historical wealth that conquers its visitors. In addition, it is surrounded by islands and beaches of unimaginable beauty with flora and fauna that enrich its surroundings.
In 2012 was denominated as Pueblo Magico and it is the ideal starting point for a great tour of the peninsula.

When Father Juan Maria de Salvatierra heard stories about California, he obtained the necessary resources through what we now know as the Fondo Piadoso de las Californias, for the evangelization of those lands that attracted his attention. The Jesuits had to finance the expenses of the expedition and maintenance.

By arriving in the area they baptized as Loreto and got familiarized with the native people who founded the first Mission that is now known as "Cabeza y Madre de todas las Misiones de la Alta y Baja California". From then they would took great strength and began the colonization of the lower and Upper California. Loreto is the first fertile settlement for them.

During the period of evangelization, the Jesuit missionaries wrote and thus rescued part of the history of these natives, had it not been so, the cultural and historical richness that we know today might remain hidden. It is estimated that there was a population of approximately 40 thousand natives, their extinction is attributed mainly to the scourge of diseases brought by the Spaniards.

Loreto, being the most important city on the peninsula, served as capital for 131 years until 1828. In 1948, with the signing of the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty and the loss of Upper California, Baja California was reorganized.

Loreto is located about 356km north of La Paz and 1,211km from Tijuana.

Places to visit in the city

Centro Histórico
Casa de Piedra
Palacio Municipal
Casa Santa
Malecón Costero
Centro de Tenis Nopoló
Club de Golf
Misión Nuestra Señora de Loreto
Museo de las Misiones

Locations near Loreto to go and visit
·      Misión de San Javier
·      Agua Verde
·      Nopoló
·      Juncalito
·      Las Parras
·      Puerto Escondido
·      Bahía de Loreto
·      Islas: Cerralvo, Carmen, Danzante
·      Pinturas rupestres

Loreto has the essence of an ancient city, full of stories and the kindness of                      its inhabitants. Come and explore it!

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