miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

The new art exhibitors of Tendencia Avenue

Tendencia Avenue is a unique space where diverse and talented art exhibitors share their most enriching designs to provide a platform for cultural exchange in the society of Baja California Sur.
In this platform we also experience local artists who marvel us with their work and contribute to the identity of our home. Spectacular artwork and a pleasant time, is what you can expect in your visit to Luxury Avenue, Los Cabos.

From Ivan Guaderrama, who was our first exhibitor to Eduardo Chillida Belzunce an international artist, each of them brought their own ideas and their hearts in order to create an amazing exhibition.

In our 10th exhibition and the first of the year 2017 we will proudly have two artists to demonstrate the beauty of their creations:

A young artist presents her work "traveling exhibition: collection of calligrams", fusing postmodern techniques such as digital art.  She adds the traditional drawing and the theory of color to make images that are fragments made up of words.

Elisa is interested in the current situation and therefore, in her works touches on the political, cultural and ideological crisis happening in the world.

Oscar is a photographer passionate for nature and presents a collection of beautiful images. It shows the commitment he has to teach future generations the importance of caring for and appreciating the resources that nature gives us.

His work is titled: "To the wild I go to find my humanity". Through photography, the exhibitor finds a space to connect with its existence, document the enormous biodiversity that exists and explore the territory of Baja California Sur.

Tendencia Avenue prepares to welcome these two great artists. Do not miss the opportunity to see the exhibition that will be open to the public from January 25 to April 23. Visit the facilities of Luxury Avenue and enjoy the amazing art of the new exhibitors.

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