martes, 31 de enero de 2017

Oscar Ortiz photograph exhibition "To the wild, I will find my humanity"

Artistic photography is perhaps the most debated art at the moment. The camera allows the photographer to express his feelings as the brush to the painter, also shows a reality without alterations. Beyond the beauty of the landscapes, beaches, and whales the Tendencia Avenue exhibition "To the wild, I go to find my humanity" makes us ask a series of questions. How are we taking care of natural resources? Are we aware of the impact of our actions on nature?

"I have always tried to raise awareness in people, I want them to appreciate the beauty of our environment and motivate all to preserve it. Taking care of the resources for the future generations is something I teach my children. It would be fantastic if every individual could have the same mentality after visiting this exhibition."

Oscar Ortiz is an artist well known by the community of Los Cabos, renowned for showing the destination’s natural angles: the virginity of Balandra beach in La Paz, the biodiversity of the ocean in Cabo Pulmo, the majestic Gray Whales in Los Cabos, and the beauty of the desert, all in photographs. Tendencia Avenue is pleased to have him as a guest artist in the 10th art exhibition.

"It is very gratifying to see your work recognized, I am very grateful for this opportunity. All the beauty that surrounds Los Cabos inspires me. Mexico as a country has beautiful places that at international level can not be compared, it is something that we should be proud of."

The exhibition promises to show the natural jewels that this paradise has. Visiting with the family will be a very pleasant and educational experience. "To the wild, I will find my humanity" will be open to the public within the facilities of Luxury Avenue from January 25 to April 23, 2017.

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