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Discover the magic that Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo awakens

Two of the most colorful cities that exist in Mexico are San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, together they are Los Cabos.

Every Thursday, you can visit downtown San Jose del Cabo where you will find art exhibitions in galleries and restaurants with cuisine from the abundant products of the sea. How about a cold craft beer or some margaritas to cool off? San Jose is also home to the longest zip line in Mexico.

Perhaps you prefer to visit the spas in Cabo San Lucas with attention to every detail, or spend a day at any of the 14 golf courses that Los Cabos has. The most recent one was built by Tiger Woods, surely this could arise in you the desire to become a golfer.

An important activity in the area is whale-watching, each year gray whales come to visit these waters and dazzle visitors in the tours when they began to make appearances in the middle of the sea. 
For some of us, what we enjoy the most is to be at sea watching the gray whales jump or maybe go fishing with the sunrise. Los Cabos has plenty of activities that you can do!

The walks through the desert, camel tours, sunrises dazzling your eyes, crystal clear waters, marine biosphere and the incredible hospitality of Los Cabos will confirm the magic of these two cities.
You can also plan a getaway in the small and beautiful towns nearby, like Todos Santos. This and more makes Los Cabos so special.
Come and discover what awaits you in the South-Californian territory!

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