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A walk through La Giganta

Comondú is a town located in Baja California Sur, surrounded by a small stream that ends at the Pacific Ocean and has palm trees, reed beds and other vegetation. Among the desertic vegetation you can see a canyon with volcanic stones.

Photo by: Aleph Alighieri

As you may realize, Comondú still retains its natural essence, a quiet retreat that is protected from the civilization of man. The people that live in that part of the sudcalifornia territory are peaceful.

To reach LaGiganta you have to leave the oasis and walk 48 kilometers of road where you will be able to see the different 
species of reptiles that inhabit the region, the hills, the dry vegetation and the climate of Baja California Sur.

The journey to La Giganta lasts many hours, in fact, the route you are about to travel was established by the first Jesuit missionary in 1700 on foot from the mission of Loreto.

There is also a variety of birds such as larks, woodpeckers, wren and sparrows among others animals such as hares and rattlesnakes that you can see during this journey.                                                                         
The landscape turns you into a traveler, walking down the desert and seeing red sunset horizons.

Photo by: Aleph Alighieri

If you want to discover more about Baja California Sur, gather your most reckless friends to hike in La Giganta. Experience what it's like to cross this territory.

What to take?
  1. Hydrating beverages
  2. Comfortable clothes
  3. Tennis
  4. Sunscreem
  5. Gas
  6. Maps, GPS and a guide
  7. Energy bars

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