miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2015

Los Cabos International biking Gran Fondo

Cycling in the world has been in growth in recent years. The increase in the number of amateur, professional races and designation of spaces for bike lanes are an example of this.

Bike races have collaborated to opt for this form of clean transportation to move in everyday life, instill in children a culture of sport and improve the health of the population in countries with such events.
Besides sports tourism also makes a significant economic impact, as it increases the arrival of those seeking an active vacation and events like the Gran Fondo become a major initiative to project Los Cabos as a sports destination.
The Gran Fondo is a cycling marathon where the challenge is personal. This is first year the International Cycling Grand will be held in Los Cabos. The destination expect to welcome 800 to 1,000 athletes divided into two routes of 60 miles and 100 miles.

Seeking to involve the community and making a positive impact in the destination the "Los Cabos Charity Run" foot race will take place within 5km & 10km division where all entries will be donated to local foundations. You can register with the association to which you wish to designate your donation.

Finally a race for children between 5 and 12 years will be starting at  9am from downtown Cabo San Lucas where the cycle path takes place on Sundays.
Both adult cyclists and participants of the run will depart from Cabo del Sol toward Todos Santos at 7:00 am. To ensure your place in the Gran Fondo register here.

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