jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

Meet Jean Georges, a Kitchen Masterchef

The story behind this great Chef is one to admire and recognize. He has an unparalleled gastronomic career: he teaches, he writes, he stays updated with new ways of preparing food, and above all, he cooks delicious!

We invite you to taste his culinary masterpieces in Seared or Suviche at One & Only Palmilla. For sure you don’t want to miss the delicacy of each dish in the menu by Jean George Vongerichten.

One Michelin star, Jean Georges Vongerichten is one of the most important chefs of the moment. With 35 restaurants around the world, 5 cookbooks, and numerous appearances on various television programs such as the Today Show and Good Morning America.

Having restaurants all over the world, this Chef’s life is cooking! He travels from Paris to London to Singapore opening new restaurants and being inspired by the best ingredients of the regions he visits. Although he may stay for only 24 hours, Jean Georges acquires different ideas from the people he meets, the wines, the food and drinks he tastes.

Restauranteur and also, businessman, Jean Georges began his culinary studies in a work-study program that allowed him to endeavor under the tutelage of Paul Haeberlin. He subsequently collaborated with Paul Bocuse and Master Chef Louis Outhier on L'Oasis in the southeastern of France.

He knew what he wanted to do: entertain. He did small plays with his brothers and exposed them to his family. He was also in charge of the illumination and entertainment at the birthday parties. He has always believed in customer service, organization and most importantly, pleasing the customer. 

Since 1973, it has created delicious dishes that have revolutionized the kitchen as we now know it. The biggest challenge he has ever faced is to have his guest happy. Undoubtedly, Jean Georges believes in the perfection of food and in the ability of his genius to produce "good food, because the show is on the plate".

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