jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

The amazing Gastronomy of La Paz

Baja California Sur is a synonym of vacations, culture, art, history, sea, desert, islands and coasts that intermingle with crystalline blue waters, and an unforgettable horizon that will linger in the memory of those who visit the peninsula.

Los Cabos, Loreto, Mulege, Todos Santos, Comondu and La Paz are some of the main cities of the territory that invite you to live exciting experiences, and also to taste its growing gastronomy.

In La Paz, also named “Aquarium of the World” the restaurant's advantage of the freshest ingredient. There is an incredible variety of restaurants, dishes, and chefs who have set their sights here to surprise with original recipes.

La Paz gastronomy is truly exquisite! Delicious fish and clams that are extracted directly from the Sea of Cortez. Enjoy a good sierra ceviche or perhaps a ceviche of cochito. You will surely delight with the traditional flavors of the sea.

We suggest you visit the following restaurants: Bismark-Cito which is a must to eat right on the boardwalk, the best seafood tacos. Azul Marino and Nim by chef Cristina Kiewek who created a menu of international cuisine in a contemporary setting. Sortis by chef Alessandro Mancuso presents exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Las Tres Virgenes with the creations of Chef Jesus Chavez and refreshing cocktails. Nomada brings recipes based on organic, homemade and regional products. Dulce Romero is restaurant and cafeteria with delicious artisan bakery. This is just a sample from the great variety of places to eat!

Visit La Paz and delight by its distinguished gastronomy. Enjoy the boardwalk, the incredible "hates" (hot dogs La Paz style), its fresh seafood and the beaches with crystalline waters like Balandra or Espiritu Santo Island. 

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