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Gabo en Tendencia Avenue

“I paint as I am. While doing so, I continue to search for my own path."

Born in 1952,  Gabo is a native of the Triana district in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico.

He began his studies at the School of Fine Arts at the age of eight. Between 1976 and 1996, Gabo lived in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez where he worked in graphic design, the production of television commercials and on a book of poems entitled "To live is not enough."

His first trip to Europe in 1977 took him to Madrid, Spain, where he studied painting and graphic art. On a later visit to Paris, he established lasting ties with contemporary artists in a supportive artistic environment that would only get stronger over subsequent trips.

Returning to Mexico in 1978, Gabo moved to La Paz, a city he would then call home, except for a two-year expedition to Tijuana.
He worked at the Tijuana Cultural Center with Alvaro Blancarte, teaching screen printing and organizing major auctions. It was during this time that Gabriel painted a mural covering approximately 1,000 square feet of rock in Colonia Libertad.

In La Paz, his many activities include creating his own graphic design and advertising studio; the opening of the Gallery Orsay where he organized more than 200 exhibitions of Mexican and international artists; and, the coordination and promotion of a variety of artistic events.

In 1998, Gabo created and organized the Festival of Arts in Todos Santos. He is also creator of the Art Tianguis "La Bajadita," the first performance of the Festival of Whales in La Paz and the California Biennial. In addtion, Gabriel served as a member of the State Cultural Council for the Arts and a judge of the State Hands competition.

In 2010, he participated in a project called "BBG" for a company in San Diego, California named BBG.

The techniques Gabo employs attract a lot of attention, particularly the texture and perspective of the paintings. The inspiration for his work comes from paintings made by indigenous peoples and the giants found in caves in the Sierra de San Francisco, Baja California Sur.

The technique developed by Gabo is very pleasant. It takes you to an ancient world just by looking at the texture of his works.

"Before speaking, man painted."

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