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The man and the sea

The Pacific Ocean has very special characteristics: it’s intrepid for the movement of its waves; in the mornings it is quite and fun because of the different activities that can be done during the day. Perhaps the most important thing is that it is home to an unimaginable amount of marine species in its deep crystalline waters.

Tourists from all over the world visit Los Cabos to immerse into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and dazzle with the secrets it keeps. In the distance, you can see the emblematic Arco, sea lions sunbathing and the spectacular Lovers beach. Martin Falklind discovered that magic is also found in wildlife.

Martin is a Swedish film director and producer with an impressive passion for fishing. That same passion and respect for the sea led him to make films from a young age with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of the seas and the conservation of marine biodiversity.

Since childhood, he wanted to experience life in the ocean. Inspired by the book The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, Martin wanted to fulfill the adventure of getting a fish. The first time he caught one in Los Cabos, he did it in a kayak. And it was a marlin.

Then Martin found that Los Cabos was called the Marlin Capital of the World. His wife Maria made him promise not to fish from a kayak. But he couldn’t resist himself. When he reached the territory of Baja California Sur and saw the shocking nature before his eyes, he jumped into the water and broke his promise.

The adrenaline he experienced that day was amazing: at that moment sardines fluttered, four marlins swam in circles under the boat and suddenly a humpback whale came to devour in front of him, those same sardines that had been submerged minutes before in the sea.

The love he felt for the incredible marine biodiversity that exists in Los Cabos invited him to return, this time, to record the incredible experience and share it with the world.

At first, the film had drawbacks. The phenomenon of La Niña had ravaged the area and during that year, there was not a single fish in the destination to record. Without money and without fish, Martin believed that his project had come to an end. Suddenly, he met Don Luis Bulnes, who supported him to finish the film for him, his family and all the inhabitants of Los Cabos.

With the help of Don Luis, the crew and all the people involved in this project made it possible to finish the film. The premiere was in 2012 with the aim of telling the other side of sports fishing, love, and respect for life.
The story that was told is about the beauty of the oceans, the majesty of marine biodiversity and the importance of preserving nature.

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