viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2016

Eating healthy with Ceci Basurto

Cecilia Basurto is a nutritionist who advices on healthy eating matters, specialized in diabetes and obesity. She has a great charisma and a big desire to help those who suffer from nutrition problems. In her interview, she explained that diabetes and eating habits are intimately linked and ensures that healthy eating is one of the main keys to fight this disease.

In order to have a well balanced diet, you need to learn how to eat the nutrients your body really needs. Some times we believe that with the fact of eating salad for a week, it will be enough to start the healthy lifestyle that we are dreaming for.

Cecilia shared several recommendations that contribute to a good diet as well as certain mechanisms that complement a healthy life.

We can start mentionating Omega 3, a type of fat that your body is not able to produce but it is necessary to consume it through different foods. Omega 3 can be found in seeds like almonds, walnuts and peanuts; You can also consume it in chia, avocado, vegetable oils and in some fish among other products.

That's not all, even if you begin to eat correctly with balance and try to consume ingredients that your body needs, it is important to keep in mind that this is just one more step to feel the well-being that you are looking for.

Cecilia Basurto inspires us to have a balance with our mind and body. The spiritual part is just as important as food. Both are essential components for achieving the healthy lifestyle you want. Meditation is a good way to connect your mind with your body, such as yoga exercises which helps to slowly regulate your emotions and feelings.

Don't forget that working out is fundamental for your personal development in order to be complete, exercise is part of a healthy daily routine. Enrolling in the Los Cabos Marathon or perhaps swimming along with the first rays of the morning sun are activities you can do if you live in Los Cabos. Take advantage of the scenery that you have and delight yourself with the views. Go jogging or walking to the Cabo San Lucas marina while the sun sets on the horizon.

Be sure to seek the help of a professional person. Do not go to the internet for advice to make diets that leave you without food for days or pills that help you lose weight in a matter of minutes. Go with a nutritionist to have a personal diagnosis. Only a qualified person will be able to tell you, your characteristics and evaluate your complexion by observing your past, your family history and will find a diet plan that suits your personal needs.

Stop waiting and become a person who is in tune with their mind and body. Start following the recommendations such as respecting meal times, having a check out at least once a year to be sure that your body is working properly and remember that if your diet is balanced, the risk of disease decreases.

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