viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

Come and discover the new arquitecture of Los Cabos

Adapting to the new architecture of Los Cabos is something amazing to see. At this very moment, the world recognizes us as one of the most important destinations, an important accomplishment to Mexican tourism.
The natural beauty, the town that slowly turns to be a daydreaming place and the attractiveness of its port makes Los Cabos a city that many want to visit.

4,000 hotel rooms being built to be occupied by new tourists is proof of this.
Eager to enjoy the summer heat of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, vacationers are waiting for the new hotels to open its doors to them.

Major hotel brands have put their view in the city to build an architecture of elegance and class. Right now we are preparing to see large spaces with contemporary views that intensifies the majesty Sea of Cortez.

Some of these hotels are:

  1. Breathless by AM Resorts that is located at the marina of Cabo San Lucas.
  2. ME CABO.
  3. The Cape, a Thompson Hotel in Monumentos Beach.

This three hotels were the ones that opened its doors to the tourist at the beginning.

With the elegance of its large and rectangular windows, and colors that seem to be like sand this feelings are mixed in the interior and exterior of the hotel along with the wooden ornaments forming a pleasant earthy tone making the stay of the guests enjoyable and a natural topography which helps large hotels turn into the natural habitat of Los Cabos.

Come and discover the new image, changes and developments that Los Cabos is having on its architecture. These elegant hotels are waiting to open their doors to the world so everyone can feel what it's like to be on a real vacation.

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