sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014

2014 Los Cabos Bisbee´s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament 

Cabo San Lucas is one of the prime spots in the world where anglers can consistently catch the two largest species of marlin, blues and blacks. There are differences between the two, however, and that calls for different tactics.

Blacks tend to hang around reefs and structure with large concentrations of bait. So the underwater mounts off the tip of the Baja peninsula like Gordo Bank and Jaime Bank are prime places to bridle a live skipjack or yellowfin tuna and slowly bump the boat in and out of gear until a marlin spots it and decides to eat.

Blues, on the other hand, are open water predators that roam rips, currents and weed lines in search of food like dorado and squid. Boats targeting blue marlin often use lures so they can troll faster to cover more water to maximize the presentation.

So far, lures have had the edge in the 2014 Black & Blue. The qualifying fish—all blues—have been fooled by lures. Locally-made, Hi-5 Lures have been consistent Bisbee’s winners over the years.

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