viernes, 22 de diciembre de 2017

Discover El Camino Real de las misiones

The end of the year is near and with that, the possibilities we have to fulfill dreams and longings. With the beginning of 2018, we look forward to living unique experiences that leave us values. For some, this might be to start a new novel or become a healthier person, find inner peace and wisdom, find love, pursuing a job opportunity that makes you happy and, above all, shares each experience with our loved ones. One of your purposes for this New Year, perhaps, is to travel.

Tendencia el Arte de Viajar invites you to immerse yourself in an adventure full of adrenaline and history, tranquility and beauty: discover the peninsula of Baja California Sur!

Courtesy of Cabo Adventures
In the sudcaliforniano territory, endless special moments await you and your loved ones. The different cities that are in the peninsula, provide various forms of entertainment, with their peculiar fauna and flora, these cities are part of an incredible history that makes the State what it currently is.

If you and your family are prepared to travel, we suggest you to visit Baja California Sur for adventures of natural wonders, fall in love with the duality of the desert and the sea, its fantastic crystalline beaches, pleasant climate, stunning sunsets, wanderings on a yacht by the Cabo San Lucas Arch, discover the Art Walk every Thursday in San Jose del Cabo, be amazed by the sighting of the whales that year after year arrive at the waters of this ocean, and the impressive hospitality offered by world class resorts located in Los Cabos.

Without a doubt, El Camino Real is one of the most impressive and full of stories wonders. This road houses vestiges a primitive period that struggled to modernize a road and create a connection between one place and another. The Camino Real de las Misiones was located along the peninsula and were a conduit that allowed to commerce and maintains communication among the populations. 

The semi-arid isolated region made more complex the process of the food supply and materials. Little by little, the Jesuits who came to evangelize the natives and establish missions throughout the territory, and made possible the path of El Camino Real, that marked the ancient nomadic villages.

Travel each corner of Baja California Sur and discover its mystical history, plan a journey with your loved ones and begin the New Year with unique goals. 

Discover, travel and experience in Baja California Sur!

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