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Discover the magic of Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are two towns recognized worldwide. In them, the fun and the exceptional quality of unique resorts that receive hundreds of tourists every year is present.

Anyone who has the opportunity to visit Los Cabos, stays fascinated by its beauty the duality between the ocean and the desert, all the different activities that the two tourist cities provide for entertaining their visitors.

You can witness, in both land and sea, the diversity of things that this destination has for you.
From a bike ride along the Marina of Cabo San Lucas located in the heart of the city, to a Ziplines tour that shows you the different types of vegetation that exist or perhaps a walk in the evening along with the camels are some of options out there for you.

In the sea there are countless activities to do. Take a kayak tour at 7am and see the majestic Arch, a great choice to start your day.
Get to know the reefs, see with your own eyes the marine biosphere that the territory of Baja California Sur has or come face to face with the dolphins which can be one of the best experiences of your life.

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo have an amazing culture. You can plan a roadtrip with your family and friends to little towns like Los Barriles or Todos Santos, magic town.

Another option is to stroll through the missions that were founded since 1708 or attend to the mango festival in Todos Santos and taste the fruit with some chili and lime, while touring the main avenues.

Another activity you have to do when you visit the peninsula, is a walk on Thursdays afternoon by the streets of San Jose del Cabo to experience The Art Walk. Visit galleries exhibiting all the sudcaliforniano talent and fall in love with each of the paintings. Do not forget to visit La Lupita Taco & Mezcal to enjoy a good drink, a good cue in hand and an excellent atmosphere.

If we talk about art, Los Cabos has much to prove. For example, the Dance Gala, which has been running for the past four years continuing successful presentations all over the world with unmistakable talent that dazzles and shields the viewers with every move they give.

The Dance Gala is a synonym of delicacy, discipline, strength and passion, in which each piece of dance is performed by dancers who leave everything on stage to captivate their audience. Academia Lulú Telléz has the opportunity to debut with one of its best students so he or she can become a professional dancer and be the next big sensation of ballet.

We can´t forget Los Cabos Film Festival. A special occasion in which different artist walk the streets of Los Cabos to delight locals and tourists with their newest film proposals. Los Cabos is decked out to welcome both actors and directors and celebrate the Mexican and International cinema.

All this and more is what awaits in Baja California Sur. Come and experience the territory that houses the desert and the sea, in a combination of modern Mexican culture and traditions. Do not stay with the desire to have fun like you never had before and learn new ways to enjoy yourself. Discover Los Cabos and let yourself be amazed by the enormous diversity!

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