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Get to know Mission San Jose de Comondu at Baja California Sur

Mission San Jose de Comondu is located 50 km west of Nuestra Señora de Loreto mission.

In 1708 during summer, Mission San Jose de Comondu was visited by priests: Juan Maria Salvatierra, Juan de Ugarte and Julian Mayorga.

Mayorga was the responsible Father for its foundation and remained there as Father Minister resident until his death in November of 1736.

This is the essence of the territory of Baja California Sur. It is rich in history and ancestors who helped shape what we know today as the sudcalifornia territory .
From its pristine beaches and ecotourism activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and whale watching. Baja California Sur is also a cultural place, of beauty and perfect image of a Mexican past.

We can recreate the mission of San Jose de Comondu, with the help of Salvador Hinojosa, who describes the mission, starting with the people who built it, the architectural elements that compose it, their understanding of the location, the plants they had, details of the facade and all the individual parts of the mission.

Like the carved and sculpted stones that you can see from outside, altarpieces recorded in gold dust and pieces with unique beauty, the mission of San Jose de Comondu assembles a-baroque-style austere Renaissance type.

Tabernacles, altars, chapels, indoor and outdoor rooms show how each component of the mission is integrated into one. The artistic quality used for construction and indigenous hands that participated in the creation of this place, teach us the Baja California Sur identity with a profound message that you get to experience only by visiting .

The work describes the religious services that existed at that time; from the basilica type church in carved stone with wooden trellises to the altar in it, showing the image of Saint Joseph with Jesus.

In 1827, the mission was abandoned and the beginning of the next century adapted to another use. Between 1972 and 1973, the National Institute of Anthropology and History proceeded to make restorations in various details to renew the mission building.

This place tells an incredible story. We may see religious elements as the Catholic prestige; Mission San Jose de Comondu hosts all kinds of spiritual feelings and invaluable architectural character. If you want to enjoy another facet of Baja California Sur, we invite you to visit the mission with your family and friends.

Comondú is located just 2 hours 43 minutes from La Paz and 1 hour 46 minutes by car from Loreto, start your journey with a good playlist for your roadtrip and snacks to keep you entertained on the way.

See with your own eyes the construction of 1708 and discover the history behind the sudcaliforniano territory. Mission San Jose de Comondu is waiting for your visit and live it up to the fullest in this journey through the peninsula.

Things to do in Comondu:

  1. Try the regional gastronomy
  2. Visit the beach The Juncalito near Loreto
  3. Visit the port Adolfo Adolfo Lopez Mateos for whale gray watching
  4. Go to one of the islands: Isla Santa Margarita, Magdalena Island and Mangrove Island, Gulf of California: Habana and Isla San Diego.
  5. Sport fishing
  6. Surfing

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