viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

Los Cabos is positioned as one of the favorites vacation spots

One of the most important tourist destinations worldwide is, without a doubt, Los Cabos. Located at the tip of Baja California Sur, these two cities connected by a 32-kilometer highway create a cutting-edge dynamism, sophistication and entertainment paradise. In addition to the opening of new world-renowned hotel chains, international chefs and mixologists arrive at the destination to further increase the exceptional quality of customer service.

This is reason enough for the destination to take the safety of tourists and locals as seriously as possible. Mr. Rodrigo Esponda, director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board (Fiturca), ensured the State’s plan is to strengthen security measures so that, travelers feel their stay at Los Cabos will be safe.

In an interview with TravelPulse, a website that informs tourists about offers and trips, Mr. Esponda stated that numerous initiatives have been taken to substantially improve security. An example is the implementation of the navy, which leads an intensive safety program. In return, the Los Cabos police have activated 200 new police officers, who were trained and evaluated in Mexico City.

Another measure was to strengthen the surveillance system in the cities, with an installation of more than 200 cameras, where the navy can monitor and react in a matter of minutes to any crime that is happening. The cameras are installed in different hotels and private offices, as well as in different properties, in the streets and on the beaches. The director added, that all the cameras are connected to the same system, the result of these efforts made by the competent authorities leads to a 90% decrease in crime.

Diverse levels of competition in Los Cabos, including the private sector, as well as the inhabitants work together so that tourists wish to return to the destination with the confidence and conviction that their stay will be pleasant.

The tranquility that lives in Los Cabos has always been one of its most important characteristics. For this reason, the authorities take the necessary measures to continue being one of the top tourists favorite destinations to relax and enjoy to the full their vacations. With the new hotel brands openings and its magnificent panoramic views, this destination should be on your list of places to visit this 2018.

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